Kushal and Gauhar evicted from Bigg Boss?

Leading dailies have reported that Kushal and Gauhar have made an exit from the Bigg Boss house. Apparently, Kushal was asked by Bigg Boss to leave the house after a fight with Andy. As part of the  luxury budget task ‘Ignore the Obvious’, the house mates had to ignore Andy while he indulged in irritating antics in order to grab their attention.

Andy made some cheap remarks on Gauhar’s lingerie as part of the task. Gauhar got very upset by his remarks and communicated her displeasure to Andy after the task got over. She also related the incident to Kushal who got so infuriated that he tried to hit Andy after giving it off to him verbally. Later Armaan and Pratyusha also got into an argument as they stepped into support Andy and Kushal respectively.

The situation got out of hand and Bigg Boss asked all the contestants to assemble in the living room where it was announced that Kushal would be leaving the show immediately because of violence. 

As Kushal got ready to leave, Gauhar decided to stand up for Kushal by packing her bags as well. Though the other contestants tried to convince her to stay back, she made an exit from the house along with Kushal. The couple’s exit will no doubt have an adverse impact on the show’s ratings unless the show makers decide to bring them back somehow.

The entry of wild-card Candy Brar(Kushal’s ex-girlfriend) in the main house would also not offer as much drama now that Kushal is out of the show. Even wild-card Ajaz Khan was planning to set himself up against Kushal when he entered the main house. It would be interesting to see what steps the show-makers take next.