Who’s AJAZ KHAN really?

Ajaz Khan who entered the Bigg Boss 7 house as a wild-card, is a Model-turned actor who hails from the modest suburbs of Ahmedabad (presently resides in Mumbai). He’s married and has a son named Alexander. A fitness-freak by nature and a Gemini (by sun-sign),  Ajaz loves to party, gossip and entertain.

Ajaz khan with son alexander and wife

Ajaz khan with son Alexander and wife

Apparently, becoming an actor was a long-cherished dream of his, one which he never lost sight of even while he worked as a cab-driver abroad, in London and New York. His dream came true when he got his first break in an Ekta Kapoor daily soap.

He has since then worked in a number of serials like Karam Apna Apna, Kahaani Hamaaray Mahaabhaarat Ki etc.

He was seen on the big screen in ‘Rakta Charitra’ and ‘Allah Ke Bandey’ before being cast as the lead in ‘Lakeer ka Fakeer’, a role for which he received public appreciation. Here’s a trailer from Ajaz’s film Lakeer ka Fakeer(his put-on mumbaiyya accent might just be a hangover from the same gangster flick):

He’s also worked in a Telugu blockbuster called Dokudu(and in the Telugu version of ‘Nayak’) and he’s also the only Indian actor to have featured in an Oscar promotion video:

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  1. sajid Reply

    big boss very funny game

  2. kajal sharma Reply

    reaallly i like sangram

  3. hari Reply

    vote for ANDY!

  4. manisha sharma Reply

    i like ajaz so much…….

    1. aman khan Reply

      i love u very much ajaz khan

      1. Zainab Sikander Reply

        Hi Aman.. I’m sure Ajaz Khan will love you for saying that 🙂

        1. aman khan Reply

          Hi zainab ///ajaz khan jesa koi aur nahi…im biggesttttttttt fan ajaz bhai

    2. Zainab Sikander Reply

      yes ..lots of people are loving his naughty ways ! 🙂

    3. aamir Reply

      would u like me?

  5. Azeem fareedi Reply

    Ajaz!! I love you my brother. Inshallaha you will win!!!!

  6. tauqeer Reply

    Ajaaz bhai ek no,game khelre le..in bigboss-7

  7. farhin shaikh Reply

    Lala bhai love u so much… Big fan of amdawadi ajaz bhai..

  8. Saeed.s Reply

    If hope is there,every thing possible.i hope Ajaz khan win

  9. Azeem shaikh Reply

    ajaz why are you disappointing it self for gauhar khan

  10. aamir Reply

    Azaz khan is not real khan he use khan surname. he is Guliwala from Ahmedabad.

  11. aman khan Reply

    ajaz khan is real khan i proud u ajaz bhai

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